Kiddie Rides & Attractions


This is an enjoyable mini bumper car version of the big bumper cars, and is themed as jungle animals & characters. Kids will love to drive around in their own jungle cars, while bumping into and racing with other cars.


These cars in convoy are designed to give kids the exhilaration of driving a racecar, in the fun company of other kids their age. The Convoy race consists of cars that go around in a jungle safari inspired track.


Children will laugh, giggle and scream in this ride. Passengers are lifted to a height of approximately 4 meters in the air, and then begin their vertical descent in a quick series of short drops.


The Jungle Kids is a four level soft play area and will occupy two (2) separate levels, to accommodate both small and bigger kids. It will carry an exciting JUNGLE theme projecting a fascinating array of jungle animals & characters with various creative play activities for children.


Drop your toddlers at our play area, where they can learn and play for an unlimited time in a safe and clean area. Your kids will have a great time while exploring their gross and sensory skills.